The Sky's the limit with the Big5 Skyboard!


Easter's a bright time. There are chocolate eggs and the bunnies hop with glee! 

The sky seems bluer than usual, too. In celebration of all things Easter, we bring you the Big5 Skyboard  - It's a super way for you soar skyward to wallet-filling cash!

Your deposit always gives you winning entertainment, but at this sunny bunny time of year, your deposit brings you something that can be your egg-shaped awesomeness to hatch even more incredible wins.

Each €20 deposit will automatically mark your Big5 Skyboard to success!

It's a grand grid of bonus cash.  


- Fill a vertical line and receive €10
- Fill a horizontal line and receive €20
- A combination of vertical + horizontal gets you €35
- Fill two or more vertical lines and get €25
- Fill two or more horizontal lines and get €45
- A combination of 2 or more vertical and horizontal on 1 board gets you €50


Enjoy the eggcellence that is Big5 and deposit today...




Valid until 20.04.2020
*all winnings from the board are bonus money and general t&c apply