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The Howling Tournament


Where to find the Challenges?

When a challenge is activated, they will appear at the top of the chosen game.


What to do?

Help your character get to the other side of the grid by removing the obstacles in their way.

The grid is a representation of the reels. When you get a win, any symbols matching the symbols on the grid will be removed and your character will move across.

Redrake Slot Game Tile

How do you get your prize?

When your character gets to the other side of the grid your prize will automatically be added to your account.
If the FreeSpins are on the same game you will need to log out and back into the game to get your spins.


Redrake Slot Game Tile

Where can you see the prizes?

Click on the Treasure chest and you will be able to see all the prizes you have currently unlocked and the remaining levels.
You will also find tutorials, game rules and how much time the challenge has left.


Hot Tips:
  • Finish the first Challenge grid to open the next challenge grid
  • You may be able to play in more than one grid at the same time by increasing the value of your spin
    When this option is available you may see the minimum bet value needed to unlock the next grid
  • Fancy a break? No Problem, you can leave the game and come back to continue later, as all your progress will be saved