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You will need the courage of a lion to fight this King of Monsters!

You have 24 Hours to remove the crown from the Ogre King, in this Quickspin Challenge.

Hall of the Mountain King has GoT it all! This is a Game with a Throne... and with the most brutal character since Scar!

In a dark land where there is never any sun, you must be the bravest warrior of the Savanna Tribe and defeat the Monster.

This terrifying King lives in a palace inside a Mountain.

Go to the King's Mountain and crush his evil power to bring daylight back!



Go to the Mountain and face the King...


15% up to €200 

with your deposit €20+


35% up to €300 

with your deposit €35+


45% up to €500 

with your deposit €65+


Valid on 08.06.2019



Be ready for the Sunday 24-hour "Don't Let Escobar Hit the 'Esc' Button!" Tournament.

You will have to fight tooth and claw!