There's a tiger lurking through the jungle. This tiger is fast and furious and he's packin' some serious muscle power this Saturday.

The tiger brings serious rewards, but this is a BIG CAT --- not a PUSSY CAT!

A Deposit Bonus and FreeSpins will help you to achieve the glory you deserve in Tiger's Glory.

This 24-Hour Quickspin Challenge needs a brave explorer and fighter, like you.

Indiana Jones is shakin' in his bones, so he can't do it! The tiger will disappear into the undergrowth at until 23:59 CEST. 

How do I get this big cat Challenge started?


Put on your hiking boots and get some of that...


10% up to €200 

with your deposit €20+


20% up to €400 

with your deposit €35+


30% up to €500 

with your deposit €65+


15 FreeSpins on Tiger's Glory

with your deposit €20+



valid on 06.07.2019