Did you know that the average football player runs 6 miles during every match? This is why Big5's Elephant likes to be goalie. Also, did you know that you can now play football for your share of €5K and 15K Free Spins? You won't need to run 6 miles either!

The all-new Football Super Spins has been approved by the BFA (Big5 Football Association) as one of the greatest football themes ever! It's got a 5x4 arena, which is bigger than the standard game area. This 2020 match play starts on the 12th June and ends on 10th July. There's a first half and a second half.

●●●● First Half Steps - €5,000 Prize Pool - 12th June to 26th June 2020 ●●●●

 Position    1-5 
 Prize   €1000 each 

1. Play €25 (or currency equivalent) on Football Super Spins to auto-generate a ticket

2. Wait for the draw on the 29th June to see what you win!

Hot tip from the BFA (Big5 Football Association): Every €25 wagered = 1 ticket. More tickets = More win chances!

●●●● Second Half Steps - 15,000 Free Spins Prize Pool - 26th June to 10th July 2020 ●●●●

Position    1-50   51-100   101-250   251-550 
Prize (FS) 50 40 30  20

1. Play €20 (or currency equivalent) on Football Super Spins to auto-generate a ticket
2. Wait for the draw on the 13th July to see what you win!

Hot tip from the BFA (Big5 Football Association): Every €20 wagered = 1 ticket. More tickets = More win chances!


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